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How tall is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh?

Here you find the height of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
The height of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is 6ft 1.2in(186cm)

Do you think Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburghs height is incorrect? Please tell us by leaving a comment!

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  • Comments

      HH 2012-06-02
    No way, or at least, not any more;

    May 24, 2011 | Queen Elizabeth II, President Barack Obama [6'1"], Michelle Obama [est 5'11"] and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, pose in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace ahead of a State Banquet in London, England.
      bill scott 2012-06-06
    He used to be tall and may well have been 6'2" in his youth. Nowadays, 5'10" maximum and probably smaller. Nothing unusual there given his great age.
      josie 2012-06-16
    I saw prince philip close up in 1957. I was surprised to notice he didn't seem as tall as I'd always thought him to be. 5'10" I would estimate. I think he looks taller by comparison as he's usually seen next to The Queen.
      carrie 2012-07-05
    I met Prince Philip and he was certainly taller than me! (I am 5'10")
      DH 2012-08-22
    I was introduced to Prince Philip at a formal function 20 years ago and even then he was no taller than me when wearing mess kit (probably with a decent heel). I am 5'8" so he is no more than 5'7" tops.
    He may tower over the Queen but you have to remember that she is only about 5'0" tall!!
      Ginny 2012-11-05
    I was at a Buckingham Palace diplomatic reception in 1985 and saw the whole royal family - Queen Mother, Queen, Prince, Charles, Diana, Fergie, Andrew, etc. Was amazed at how short they all were. Queen is under 5' as was her mother. Diana was taller than Charles (she was 5'8".) I'd say Prince Philip was 5'8" = I agree with DH.
      Adam Joyce 2012-11-08
    I saw him today coming out of Westminster Abbey and I can guarantee you he was no taller than me and I'm a measily 5'7!! A major royal fan standing next to me assured me he was only 5'6.
    This says to me that he is either shrinking or has clones in other sizes for other occassions!!
      Laura Sommer Skrzynski 2012-11-16
    I have seem them many times as a royal watch living in London; I believe that Prince Philip was around 5' 11' as a younger man and is now more like 5' 10''. The Queen was between 5'3'' and 5'4'' in her youth but is now more like 5'1'' to 5' 2''. She is unfortunately shrinking. Her mother, the Queen Mother, was about 5' 2'' in but shrank to just over 5 ft. Prince Charles is probably about 5'10''; Diana was about 5'9''. Prince William is about 6'2'' and Harry about 6'1''.

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