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How tall is Justin Bieber?

Here you find the height of Justin Bieber.
The height of Justin Bieber is 5ft 6.9in(170cm)

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  • Comments

    Omg I loveeee e himmmmm and he's almost 6 foot
      james 2012-04-23
    No way this guy is above 5'6"
      sdsds 2012-05-06
    THIS GUY is 5'5"
    He wishes he was 5"8.5
      Kimberly 2012-05-19
    He's 5'5" :/
      thehungergames 2012-05-26
    this height is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too tall
      HP \/\ 2012-06-11
    There's no way this kid is 5'8". I'm 5'1", and I consider myself short for my age (12), and I always thought he was short for his age. Isn't he like 5'4" or 5'5"?
    hez nt 5'9 at all... hez no mre dan 5'6
    hez 5'5
      megan 2012-06-16
    short and ugly cody rocks
      erin 2012-06-16
    you might be short but your hot
      dymitri 2012-06-19
    haha im tller than him and im 12
      dymitri 2012-06-19
      Skyler 2012-06-25
    For me he's tall but I fell like I'm too tall for my age
    I'm 13 and I'm 5ft 4in but I'm not sure in feet but in centimeters im 164.5 cm but do u think I'm too tall??
      Jloco 2012-06-27
    This guy is short about lil
    wayne hight
      Rosie 2012-07-09
    He's obviously quite short, only a couple of inches taller than selena gomez, so he's more than likely 5'7''.
      realtalk 2012-07-11
    he's like 5'5'' to 5'7'' but he wears lifts in his shoes so that he looks taller when hes with gomez
      Te'a 2012-07-13
    justin beiber is my brother's height( 5'7"). but they did say he was 5'5'' but like 2 weeks ago i check his height and he was 5'7''
      Te'a 2012-07-13
    shout out to Skyler. Skyler don't worry about your height because when my brother was 13 he was about your height so don't worry you're not alone
      Margarita 2012-07-26
    I have 2 classmates-boy and girl they are 175cm,theire age is 13!
      A 2012-08-01
    5'4.5, wears Supras and 2.5 inch lifts, for 3.5 inches of height then styles hair to give extra inch and is now trying to claim 5'9.

    His mom is 4'8, dad is 5'6, no please stop with the 5'7
      Skyler 2012-08-20
    I can't believe he is 6 feet tall
      Louise 2012-08-27
    K, bieber is 5ft 6" .5 face it. And btw skyler ur not that tall 4 ur age, im 12 and im 5ft 6" .5 so dw, im tall but in my year there is a guy who is like 6 ft 2 and hes 12 and hes got size 11 feet (uk size)
      sara 2012-08-29
    I just turned twelve and I'm almost 5'5. I bet i'll be taller than him by the time i turn 13
      Ricky 2012-11-14
    i just turned 13 and i'm 5'10. does that mean i'm tall?
      silje 2012-11-14
    he is way to low! wish he were more like 6'0
      Sabrina 2012-11-19
    He is 5'9 he said so in an interview
      Justin Bieber 2012-11-20
    I'm 5'9
      Justin Bibercipiç 2012-12-04
    He is 1.66cm.
    He's 5ft 3"!
      chandragupta 2012-12-29
    i am 13 years old and 5'8.
      ... 2013-01-13
    He's about 5'5"
      rojin 2013-01-16
    I love him , & his height isn't important 4 me! ?

    But at real I'm Iranian and u know that Iranian R shorter U....
    But I'm 13 and j u st i n 's height is my hieght(5'9).

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